Founded in 1963 in Iasi, Romania, our Iasi production site has been a cornerstone of steel innovation for decades. With a sprawling total area of 240,000 m2, 110,000 m2 of which is covered, Iasi has been a part of the ArcelorMittal family since 2003. At the forefront of our Industry Business Unit, Iasi specializes in the production of Structural Hollow Sections (cold-formed), Pressure Pipes, and more. With precision engineering, a commitment to reliable service, and the capacity for color coating, Iasi stands as a symbol of quality and ingenuity.


iasi mill 1


Karvina, situated in the Czech Republic, boasts a storied history dating back to 1918. Covering an impressive total area of 800,000 m2, with 300,000 m2 under cover, Karvina's journey with ArcelorMittal began in 2003. As a Specialist Business Unit established in 2019, Karvina is a hub for longitudinally welded and drawn pipes and profiles for the Automotive industry. Structural Hollow Sections, Cold Formed Tubes, Precision Tubes, and Cold Drawn Tubes are just a glimpse of the innovative products that define Karvina's commitment to quality and innovation.




Located in the province of Malopolska, Poland, Krakow has been a vital part of our Industry Business Unit since joining ArcelorMittal in 2004. Formerly known as Huta T Sendzimira, Krakow covers a total area of 16,000 m2. Specializing in Hot Stretched Reduced (HSR) tubes, black and Galvanizing tubes, Krakow's expertise and dedication shine as a beacon of quality and craftsmanship.



Lexy, Rettel

Historically rooted in companies founded across North East France, Lexy and Rettel merged in 1979 to create a legacy of innovation. With a collective area of 199,000 m2, these sites joined ArcelorMittal in 2017. From structural hollow sections to specialized gas and general tubes, each site brings its unique expertise to the industry. With a commitment to precision and versatility, Lexy and Rettel redefine steel possibilities.


lexy rettel


Nestled in Alava, Spain, Legutio has been an ArcelorMittal partner since 2021. With an expansive total area of 375,000 m2 (90,000 m2 covered), Legutio's prowess encompasses Structural Hollow Sections, Precision Tubes, Gas Tubes, Welded Profiles, and Hydro Forming Tubes. From commodities to end-users, Legutio's products represent quality, diversity, and technological excellence.